Thursday, October 19, 2006

Once more, thee V&A museum has proved not only an amazing cultural experience, but fashion inspiration as well

This past weekend, I decided to go back to the Victoria and Albert Museum, and see something that wasn’t fashion-oriented. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly would never say that fashion doesn’t have cultural and artistic value, it’s just that it’s such a huge museum that I thought it would be a shame to live so close to it, and only see one of it’s rooms.

Well. I’ve seen quite a few more rooms now, but there are still plenty more that I need to see. I spent my time in an exhibition about every day life in England between 1500 and 1760, and I only got half way through it in my two spare hours. Still, I saw enough to say wow. It was fascinating from a historical and intellectual perspective, but the aesthetics took the cake. Since it was on every day life, of course there was clothing and jewelry and other aspects of design, and it made me think that I was born in the wrong era. I can’t really comment on the clothing, having only seen half the exhibit, but the item that caught my eye was an undergarment decorated with blackwork, which was popular in the Elizabethan age. It’s basically black embroidery on white muslin, but it’s really romantic-looking and gorgeous. It’s now my personal mission to find a modern top that recreates the look. Isn’t it nice to have a project!


Blogger Bobble Bee said...

V&A Museum is my favourite one so far. I can spend hours there very easily without even noticing them!
The fashion shows are killer and always amusing!

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