Saturday, October 14, 2006

Marc Jacobs is always there for me

I know I'm late. I know that I'm way, way late. In fact, I know that I'm so late that it's kind of presumptuous of me to start commenting on New York Fashion Week now. The obvious reason that I'm talking about it a month after the fact is that school is my life here in London, but it's also due to the fact that I found the shows a little boring. Most of the shows, that is. Let's take the time to discuss a notable exception: Marc Jacobs.

First of all, the color palette: yum. I’ve been pairing pretty, feminine blues with sludgy greys forever, and now that Marc Jacobs has caught on, I couldn’t be happier. I feel so legit! I love the way that he makes these really dull, beige-y grey tones look perfectly ladylike and cheerful with well-placed touches of color. As I’ve said before, sometimes I think that Marc Jacobs’ genius is even more in his use of color than his shape and styling (though those are brilliant, too). If he had used really bright, loud colors to offset the grey, the stark contrast would have made the grey look depressing. With slightly softer colors, it looks dove-like and lovely. Genius.

This outfit looks like something that would be worn by the girl who’s so damn cool that she doesn’t even have to try. It doesn’t matter that she only goes out when she feels like, despite the implications that turning down invites has. It doesn’t matter that she took multivariable calculus and got an A. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t wear makeup every day. No one can touch her cool. I think I’ve always wanted to be that girl. Maybe buying the outfit would help.

I could totally wear a bustier cocktail dress over a vintage secretary dress, but there’s no way it would look this cool.

I want this.

The Marc Jacobs line (as opposed to Marc by Marc) looks like it was one of the more theatrical shows during fashion week. The crazy green runway is certainly eye-catching. It looks like it’s set on another planet. The color of the set makes the black and white look really clean and fresh and new—not an unimpressive feat, considering that it’s black and white.

I must admit, the clothing doesn’t speak to me as much his other line, but then, this is not meant to be the accessible line. Maybe it’s because I’m a student and it’d be hard not to stand out a little more than I’d like in a metallic pea coat; maybe it’s just because the Marc by Marc Jacobs line is genuinely cuter and more fun. Still, I totally admire his main line as art, and also for the things it’s achieved and inspired in the fashion world.

This looks like something a contemporary Jackie Kennedy would wear.

Actually, scratch that comment about Marc by Marc Jacobs being more wearable. This does look like something I would gladly wear.

The worst thing about being an American in London is the exchange rate. The best thing is that my country can lay claim to Marc Jacobs.


Anonymous vanessa said...

the outfits are cute, for me it would only be the first pic though cause the rest of the looks i don't think i could pull them off.

10:38 AM  
Blogger La Principessa said...

Yep, those outfits are all pretty daring.

The amazing thing about Marc Jacobs, though, is that even though the total looks he puts together have clear concepts and are very editorial, his indivual pieces are always really wearable.

I bet you could wear more Marc than you think :)

1:13 AM  
Blogger AdrianSantana said...

HELLO¡¡¡¡My name is Adrián and I´m spanish.I don´t speak english but I only say that MARC JACOBS is the BEST¡¡ designer of fashion.Kiss

3:35 PM  
Blogger La Principessa said...

I agree :)

9:47 AM  

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