Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More to follow!

Ok, ok, I know. I have been majorly negligent of the blog. But I definitely hope to be back soon, all is not forgotten. Keep an eye on this page!

As a teaser: for fall, I'm liking stripes.


Blogger Emma said...

Yay! You'll be back soon? Excellent.

12:56 PM  
Blogger La Principessa said...

In time to post my fall purchases, I hope!

In the meantime, I know you're doing some excellent blogging yourself, so there's no shortage :)

8:45 PM  
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9:37 PM  
Blogger Brittany said...

Wow long time no see, I've been absent for a while too anyway I love lipgloss not so much lipstick. Is too matte for me. But lipgloss is fun and a little glamorous to be all dolled up. I don't know, maybe its just california talking

8:22 AM  

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