Monday, April 24, 2006

Reconsidering Amanda Peet

Ok. I loved her in Barefoot in the Park, didn't so much like her in Lucky, and now I'm not sure what I think of her. My earlier impressions were that she's a fine actress, but perhaps less of a style icon, but she's looked pretty lovely in pictures lately, AND (though I just learned this recently) she apparently went to Peter Som's show in fashion week. Peter Som! I mean, I don't think unstylish people go for Peter Som. In the above picture, I love the combination of the frilly-ish, feminine dress, and no-nonsense, serious black coat. I'm not sure what the label they are, but the shoes look like Louboutin, and we all know how I feel about him.

In this next picture, it looks like she's wearing Isaac Mizrahi (which would make sense, since he designed costumes for Barefoot in the Park), and I love it on her. She can certainly work a mini dress. I've also been downright crazy about babydoll dresses lately, so that doesn't hurt my opinion of her fashion sense. I'm not sure I've ever seen her wear color, though, which is a little upsetting--it takes a brave New Yorker to be willing to experiment with blue or purple (or anything that's not black or grey), but doesn't that it make it all the more better when they do? Still though, I usually think that the shape and the cut of clothing is just a little more important than the color, and she seems to have a pretty good grasp of shape and cut, so I guess I shouldn't criticize.

Ok. I take it back. She's not unstylish at all. In fact, she's pretty cute and she does have good dress sense. Still though, we'll see if she ever takes a chance on color.



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