Thursday, May 11, 2006

Aren't I clever?

You know, I love to shop, but sometimes, retail just doesn't do it. I went shopping today to blow off some steam (study week--didn't need the clothes, but I sure as hell needed the recreation), and I definitely did well--I got a cute top, a cute dress, and a headband that I am so going to wear, like, tomorrow. Oh, and there's a kitty cat tote bag at H&M that I talked myself out of while I was there, but I know I'm going to go back and get it.

As much as I love my new purchases though, I must say, the dress, which is striped, will need a little help to look anything other than sophisticated (and all my clothing must multi-task). I looked through my jewelry, and while I definitely have bracelets and necklaces that would do the job, I don't really wear bracelets or necklaces (much). Earrings, however, are an integral part of every outfit for me, so I needed a big, spangly-but-not-colorful pair to wear with my new dress to make it more fun. Since I knew what I wanted, I made them it myself. Here's the earrings on the fabric of the dress:

So, be brutally honest, how did I do?


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