Thursday, May 18, 2006

Insert clever heading regarding Dsquared here

I'm usually not a big fan of dresses with necklines that are closer to the waist than the neck. I mean, sure, it can be sexy, pretty, even, but where's the subtlety? This isn't a moral thing--I have nothing whatsoever against women's bodies. I just think that intrigue is beautiful, and hinting is sexier than telling.

The dress by Dsquared above still somehow gets everything right. I guess it's the way that modest length and solid color keep it from being loud that make the neckline nice. Tasteful, even. And, ok, you're all welcome to slap me for saying this and repeating myself for the ten-thousandth time, but the babydoll shape makes it sweetly sexy instead of loud, brash, obvious, do-me sexy. Next time I need a new LBD, I'm gonna scour eBay and designer consignments for it or something like it, because I can't afford $545 right now. If I could, in most cases, I would spend $250 on a similar dress and have some slush fund leftover to take my friends out at night, but in this case, I just might buy the dress.

If you've got a lot more money than me, buy it at Aloha Rag.


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