Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Favorite things

Today was a pretty schleppy day, clothing-wise: stretch jeans, fleecy sandals (hard to explain), handmade earrings, and a j. crew tissue tee. It was all perfectly appropriate, since pretty much all I did today was write a paper (so. glad. to. be. done.), but I didn't feel particularly excited about any of it. When I went to get ice cream with a friend earlier tonight, I wanted to feel at least somewhat stylish (it wasn't that we were going anywhere special, or that I have to impress her or anything; it was just that I had felt so blah all day that I wanted to feel a little more special), but I didn't want to change or make an effort. You would think I was out of luck. . . BUT! I have an incredible bracelet that quiet seriously makes every single outfit better. It's a wicker band encased in clear lucite, and it goes with everything. The best part? It was, and I kid you not, 25 cents at a thrift store. No joke. So I wore it. And know what? I did feel pretty.

Do you have any magic clothing/accessory items that are easy to wear and instantly make things more stylish? If so, prove to me that you exist by commenting and telling me about it!


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