Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Finals Chic II

The last time I posted an entry titled "Finals Chic" I was being sarcastic, but now I have a true story to share with all you lovely people.

I almost never wear eyeliner. It's just too much trouble to put it on neatly in the morning just to watch it smudge all over my eyes during the day. I mean, smudgy eyeliner may be sexy at a sweaty dance party, but in a composition class or out to lunch, it just looks messy and awkward. A few days ago though, I had to wear eyeliner while shooting a film, and I was surprised to see that, tired as I was, it actually looked ok. I wore eyeliner the next two days, and as maintenance, I just used a q-tip to wipe it from where it didn't belong a couple times a day. It was much easier than constantly reapplying under eye concealer and blush and other "refreshing" makeup, and since the eyeliner put the attention on my eyes, I didn't need to really bother much with the rest of my face.

No one commented on how I looked at all during those two days. Now, I don't really have much to do today (thank God), so this morning, I just stuck to my normal makeup routine (concealer and mascara--I'll grant I was sleep-deprived, though no more so than usual). Go figure that the first friend I saw said, "You know, you look kind of bedraggled." Bedraggled? Huh? Who says that?

So, the moral of this (rather wandering) story is that, contrary to popular belief, you shouldn't, in fact, wear less makeup when you're tired; you should pile on the eyeliner. That is, if you're me.


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