Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Project Runway goes green!

Recycled material? Love it. Love it! What a great concept for an episode. What a great episode! Man, Laura is sooo critical. So is Jeffrey! Nothing Jeffrey's made has been terrible, but I still wish he was home by now. Bradley was terribly nice. I was sad to see him go. Pretty much everything Laura has made is great, so I can't wish that she'd been sent home, but man, the way she condescends, the things she says--so offensive! Is there anyone left that she hasn't insulted? Personally, I like Vincent. I'm not saying that he's a brilliant designer, but the man's a character!

I hated the way that they formatted the episode in such a way that insinuated that Alison was going home. I think she's totally one of the best designers there. Oh, and the way that they insinuated that her model was fat? Totally unfair! She's gorgeous and much thinner than average. Tragic, tragic, tragic that she left, and also tragic that they hinted at it so much ahead of time.

Ooooh, and how they showed that none of the clothes fit the models? So funny! What are the odds?

Oh, and what's up with Laura and the riding clothes? I too own breeches, tall Ariat boots, and fleecy tops, but I wear them, oh yeah, when I'm riding a horse. I know it's a novel concept, don't judge me too harshly.

I was so happy that Michael won again! His design really was just plain elegant and lovely. I thought that Jeffrey's dress was unfortunately fabulous too, even though I think he's an ass. Still, I must admit, the dress was nice. But what he said about Michael's clothes? Totally unfair, as usual. He's terribly defensive.

It was impressive the way that Kayne saved his dress, too. I mean, it wasn't what I'd call good, but it certainly wasn't that bad. Still, it was much, much worse than Alison's design. Ok, hers wasn't flattering, but the detailing was beautful, and the rest of her designs have been awesome. Grrr.

Wow, that felt good. None of my friends here in the ol' midwest watch Project Runway, so I had no one to discuss it with but YOU! So, thanks very much.


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