Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yellow fever

Whew. Well, people seem to have very strong feelings about yellow and its uses. A quick clarification: I don't think, nor did I ever say, that any color is off limits for anyone. Fuck, if you want to wear something it, wear it. However, it's completely possible to like something and just not want to wear it personally if it doesn't flatter. I have a friend who's quite stylish and likes skinny jeans on other people, but she's small with muscular calves, and she just doesn't like them on herself. And she doesn't wear them. And she has a gorgeous, fun, unique style that completely reflects her without them. As much as I like some shades of yellow (and it's worth noting that I hate some shades of yellow as well), a lot of shades of yellow, usually truer yellows that aren't very golden-y and warm, just don't flatter me. The reason that I don't think it flatters me is that bright shades of yellow make my dark blonde hair look dull. There are quite a few other blondes who I've seen wearing yellow poorly as well. It makes certain shades of blonde look a bit greyish in comparison. Now, I reiterate, should said blondes like what they wear and feel comfortable in it, then it doesn't matter that their hair doesn't look as bright as it could. But for me, with my pale skin, if my hair color looks dull or monotone, I can look completely washed out in comparison.

Now, since I do like some tones of yellow, I've found ways to wear bits of it that don't ruin how I look. I already posted about my thrifted pumps (and I posted a picture in the entry currently in question), and I specified in the entry that I rather like yellow shoes, since they're so far away from my face. I never said that it was completely impossible for all blondes to wear all shades of yellow, and I offer you the above photo as proof: both my shoes and bag have yellow, and it doesn't wash me out/ruin my hair. In fact, I rather like that outfit. But would I ever wear yellow close to my face? I think you all know the answer to that question.

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Anonymous lauren/evilkitten said...

*Sigh**. It seems we all have our ideas on yellow- and fashion. And you know what? That's what makes life beautiful.
P.S- You must really like the f word.

5:30 PM  
Anonymous sing sing scream said...

what the hell does the f word have anything to with her post..?

6:20 PM  
Blogger ashley heaton said...

yeah, it really does depend on the person...i love yellow, but then i'm more of a white blonde than a yellow blonde so it doesn't look too monochrome/washed out when i wear yellow. accessories really are the best option though :)

9:37 PM  
Blogger La Principessa said...

Accessories rock my world. I might not touch a yellow top, but oh, how I adore me some yellow shoes!

5:31 PM  

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