Thursday, April 27, 2006

Stylish things come from people named Coco

Blah blah blah, yeah, Chanel, whatever. Right now, I'd like to talk about a different fashionable Coco. Coco's shoppe is an internet boutique that I heard about recently that stocks only products that are sustainable, fairly traded, and/or environmentally friendly. Ethical, sustainable fashion? Count me in!

The stock is relatively small, probably due to financial constraints as well as general choosiness, but it's still definitely well-chosen. I already knew about most of the lines of clothing (and organic beauty), but they also sell a few lines I'd never heard of: Ananas, a line of bags made with easily renewable sources (pictured), Burning Torch, a line of clothes made from eco-friendly or recycled fabrics, and Deborah Lindquist, a line of clothing made from recycled cashmere and vintage textiles. Better yet, they've alerted me to the fact that several brands that I already love are at least somewhat sustainable! The pictured dress is Velvet (which I so love), and apparently Park Vogel and Spring & Cliffton use environmentally friendly material, too. The best thing though, I think, is that there's a description for each item of how it's eco-friendly, so you have a distinct idea of how your clothing is affecting the environment.

So, go shopping at Coco's shoppe. It's cool and it's responsible, and it's a lot cheaper than shopping at Coco Chanel's atelier (that was a bad joke. Sorry).



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