Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Twice the Fun

I've already given my opinion on fall catalogues, so you probably don't want to hear more, but that's too bad because it's my blog. Until the Urban Outfitters catalogue comes, Delia*s and Anthropologie are definitely my favorites. They both have a surprising amount of grace for such a low, unexciting rung of shopping (though God knows I'd rather sit at home with my catalogues than go to a mall), and even more surprisingly, they have some similarities. Obviously, they're devoted to two entirely different age groups, and two even more different income groups, but some of their looks are refreshingly alike. They're both pushing blouson tops:

Delia*s: $29; Anthropologie: $128
And some gorgeous jumpers:

Delia*s: $40; Anthropologie: $198
There's no shortage of printed tees:

Delia*s: $24; Anthropologie: $88
And you can't have enough rich-toned boots for fall:

Delia*s: $79; Anthropologie: $598

Obviously, Delia*s is always the better buy, and in the case of the t-shirts, I actually think that the Delia*s one is just plain better. There's no contest between the jumpers; the Anthropologie one is pure elegance, while Delia*s take is a little kitschy. I'm still going for the Delia*s one though, A) because I'm too sick to make money and B) because I have no idea how long jumpers are going to be a la mode, and C) it's still really cute!

I'm sure there's a quality difference, but for the price difference, the pieces are surprisingly similar in cuteness.


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