Monday, July 17, 2006

The first wave of fall catalogues

. . . is here. Since, courtesy of mono, I'm back in the midwest for the summer (why, universe, why?), catalogues and the internet will once again be playing a big role in my fall shopping. Of course, I did spend way too much money in Paris, but a lot of what I found will have to be layered or just worn when it's hot, which leaves me with a few necessities (or so I'll tell my parents) yet to find. My first reactions to the catalogues are:

Anthropologie: Lovely as always. Perfect color palette. Perfect realisation of an elegant, uncluttered-but-slightly-kitschy look. My ideal version of sophistication, if I was ready to be ideally sophisticated.

La Redoute: Plain, but well cut and good for the money. Same as always.

Swell: A few standout pieces amongst things that are mostly directed to only one demographic. Same as always.

Delia*s: As usual, there are some surprisingly sophisticated and stylish pieces in this teen-oriented catalogue. Everything is a good buy. I've been getting this catalogue since sixth grade (gasp!) and I'm not planning on stopping any time soon.

Now for the fun part. Here are the best things from each catalogue. Of course my opinion is correct.

Anthropologie: I couldn't pick just one. Both the hoodie and the dress are les meillures.

La Redoute: This sweater is sophisticated and sexy. It reminds me of Vanessa Bruno.

Swell: Their Hurley Movement jeans look a lot more expensive than they are, and I think it's tough to do skinny jeans well in light colors. Unfortunately, they have yet to get a picture up online, so you're gonna have to take my word for this one. Or not. Your choice.

Delias: Another tough choice. The top is lovely and relaxed, and these shoes could either be a $3.99 Goodwill score, or a $399 Loeffler Randall-esque pair, but they're not! They're Delia*s!

You didn't think I wouldn't leave you links, did you? Sweater dress, hoodie, sweater, crewneck, ballet flats.


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