Sunday, July 16, 2006

I spent all my money in Paris when I found out I had to leave, but if I hadn't, I'd buy Burfitt

I think that I recall reading about Burfitt some time ago in some indistinguishable fashion magazine, and thinking that it was an interesting article, but not retaining much else. If I recall correctly, they have sort of an anti-fashion, what-I-like-is-what-I-make aesthetic, and I like what they make too. They have a simple, deconstructed look that makes it both really elegant, and, even in today's minimalism, really unique. In fact, they're so unapologetically simple that even their modern, trendy shapes (bermuda shorts and babydoll tank tops) look unfamiliar and new. I don't want to sound like a Vogue reporter discussing them, using clinical, uncreative terms, but lame and suspect as it is, the best way I can think to describe Burfitt is lovely.

I'm too young, too flightly, too unattentive, too curious, too bored, and too interested to pick one single look and constantly wear it (though according to my friends, I do have a style), but if I was ready to fashionably settle down, Burfitt just might be the way I'd choose to do it. Check it out here, and buy me a present if you feel sorry for me while you're at it.


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