Thursday, July 20, 2006

Who called it for fall?

If you ask me, the designers with the most foresight (or sway) in the last round of shows were Marc Jacobs (both lines), Miu Miu, and Balenciaga.

Balenciaga's modest shapes and equestrian details are getting so overplayed that I'm guessing the most staying power will lie with Marc Jacobs' revisited grunge looks and Miu Miu's slouchy knits and sky-high heels.

Go figure that I'm about to cave and buy my first pair of skinny jeans.

Still, with such floaty tops, I should get some wear out of them.

So then, maybe I should have some faith in the staying power of platforms. . .

Naw. I really do like these.


Anonymous Mia said...

hey there, love. it's mia again.

what kind of skinny jeans are you getting? i want skinny jeans too.


7:39 PM  
Anonymous mia said...

what do you think? sorry im stalking you

4:17 AM  
Blogger La Principessa said...

The dress is absolutely adorable. I love all things pleated, and modal can be a really flattering fabric. It's tough to take care of, though, so if you get it, I'd recommend hand washing (unless it's dry-clean only. Obviously).

As far as the skinny jeans go, it's turning into quite a search. I think I'm gonna have to post an entry on it. My best advice is to go dark--more flattering, more fall, and lasts longer (though the trend won't necessarily last).

3:41 PM  

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