Sunday, April 30, 2006

Nothing that you actually take from your boyfriend would ever be this good

Of course, the advantage of actually taking it from your boyfriend is that it's free. Still though, it won't look like the slew of products labeled "boyfriend" that have been popping up lately. Let's examine the jeans first, shall we?

These are Yanuk's take on boyfriend jeans, and I think I actually have them in the lighter wash. They have a sexy, snug, fit, so unless your boyfriend likes his jeans tight and with a bootleg, they're not terribly authentic. Maybe in terms of the distressing--the denim is washed to have a very loved look. Other than that, these jeans don't even compare to men's clothes.

Next up is Whim's boyfriend sweater. Now, it's lovely, but I've never been with a boy who likes his sweaters to have a wide v-neck with gathered detailing and a banded waist. I suppose anything's possible, though.

Finally, here's Vince's new famed boyfriend tee. I understand the name because of the blousy fit, but once again, we have a banded waist. Will someone please tell me when in history guys have ever worn banded waist? I mean, this is so not authentic!

Well, at least all these clothes are laundered and don't smell when you get them.


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