Wednesday, October 12, 2005

No, I'm not dead

Just so busy that I might as well be. But don't worry, faithful (?) listeners, I'll be putting out episodes like mad next week to make up for it. Expect some rockin' new topics (and feel free to email me to suggest one at, and until then, sit tight!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

If you're a college student, download my latest episode.

No, it's not an episode about party clothing or the best clothing that'll allow you to sneak food into class; it's about cheap clothes. So download the episode (, then look at the stuff I picked out just for you guys here:

You know, you guys are pretty lucky--personal shoppers are normally damn expensive. Enjoy and remember to email me and tell me what you think!!

Oh, and does anyone actually care about what I'm wearing?

Monday, October 03, 2005

Episode 10: Grab your headphones and some granola, and listen up!

Hey hip hippies, today's episode is about organic/eco clothing. Argh! Why does my podcast have to be so boring? Hey, wait, it's NOT boring, I talk about clothes that are actually stylish in this episode! No, I'm not discussing the merits of ankle-length hemp shirts and unshaven armpits. See and buy the cool stuff I talk about at these places:
The basics: Small, but if we support them, they’ll grow., lots of stuff

The standout pieces:
Organic cotton, by Patagonia (good for outdoors), plus a modern shape:
Pretty, graceful, probably very durable:
I LOVE this for fall:

The rock stars:


Oh, and I'm wearing jeans, a cashmere t-shirt, and blue earrings. Hear me talk about much more interesting clothing by downloading episode 10 at!