Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I believe I already chronicled my love for Fred Flare, but with these earrings, they've outdone themselves. They're just the right size to be noticeable, but not annoying. Furthermore, I love interesting accessories that can make an outfit go from serious to fun, from plain to quirky, or from boring to interesting. I do believe that these earrings meet all three qualifications. Pink is perfect for summer, too. I have a green J. Crew tissue tee that I love, but that I'm finding hard to wear lately (solid tees with a plain crew cut can be pretty boring), and these might be just the thing to save it. . .

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Self-Absorbed? Me?

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of walking behind some guy smoking a cigarillo (that's a cross between a ciragette and a cigar, for those of you who are lucky enough not to have encountered one). Ew. Ew. Ew. I was thinking about how unfortunate it was that it would make my hair smell when I realized that I haven't yet blogged about one of my favorite products--my shampoo. I've been a loyalist to Tigi Self-Absorbed since my hairdresser used it on me a couple years (yes, that's years) ago. It's fabulous. It's great for all types of hair, it makes your hair really strong, it's mild enough to be safe for color, but it still gets your hair really clean, and it smells like orange juice. What could be better? Take that, cigarillo.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Don't desert me!

I apologize for the total lack of posting lately--the week has been, shall we say, busy. But fear not, I'm back now with my 150th post!! And, dear readers, I must say, it never would have been possible without you ('cause I would have felt bummed and unappreciated and just given up).

As a celebration of my 150th waste of internet space on clothing, style, and superficiality (and, ok, an attempt to lure bored readers back after my short hiatus), THIS post will be a super-post composed of mini-posts on various post-worthy topics that I've been neglecting while celebrating the graduation of many of my friends! And now, without further ado, the things that take space in my head!

Make-Up Forever lipstick: this stuff is not for the faint of heart. Make-Up Forever was a stage line, adored by dragqueens everywhere, but slowly, it's been creeping it's way into the mainstream. Their lipstick supposedly lasts a while but has a nice texture anyway, and for summer, they have three great colors: Watermelon, Fluorescent Orange, and Fluorescent Orange Pink. The names say it all.

Alice Ritter: Alice Ritter is a French designer living in New York and cranking out lovely things. Her clothing is girly but edgy, feminine but intellectual, and overall, really, really delightful. Of course, I can't afford it, but I'm watching her, and I can't wait for her collaboration with Target or H&M (I can dream). Right now, you can find her clothing at Barney's.

Sea bags: these tote bags are made of reused sails--yes, that's right, sails that come off sail boats. One might think that it's not the sexiest possible material to use for a necessary accessory (and therefore one of the most coveted and stigmatized ones), but these bags are positively fantastic. They're original. They're recycled. And, oh yeah, they look GREAT!

Topshop: Yes, I know that Topshop's the subject of a lot of idle (and not-so-idle) chatter right now, but it's because they're awesome. Not only is this London chain supposedly quite stylish to begin with, they too have been jumping on the designer collaboration bandwagon (and good for them for it). The best part, though, is that they don't pick designers that are either hardcore fashion mainstays (Karl Lagerfeld) or edgy fashion newsmakers (Luella Bartley)--they're original. They pick unexpected, interesting designers who do unexpected, interesting things. Most recently up is Celia Birtwell, who, as far as I can tell, hasn't designed in a while, so her dresses are like a vintage revival. I am so going to Opening Ceremony (Topshop's New York home) soon.

New York Magazine's Lookbook column: It's really cool. Just check it out for yourself.

Fred Flare's Next Big Thing: This is a pretty much completely independantly-run design contest that anyone can enter, and anyone could win. They people who enter (and, therefore, the people who win) aren't really fashion or design people often, so what you get from them is a totally unique perspective. It pretty much rocks.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Vintge(-esque) without the search

Everyone loves vintage. It's sweet, it's fun, it seems like it has a story, it's unique. . . the benefits go on and on. Nothing's better than scoring a fabulous vintage dress and having everyone drool over how adorable you look in it. Having great vintage things is lovely. Now, if only finding them were.

Don't get me wrong, the search is often half the fun, but sometimes, you only have to root through so many garments with pit stains and 18-inch waists before you get just a little frustrated. Furthermore, I think I've outlined my stand on a lot of trendy vintage before, and I'm not always thrilled with the way it's sold. Vintage shopping can be thrilling, but it can also be a little tedious to search endlessly for that perfect pin-up girl dress, only to find overpriced thrift-store junk.

Fortunately, I've discovered a few lines recently that make clothes with all the delightful charm of vintage, but none of the wear or outdated sizing. The most exciting, I think, is Stop Staring Clothing (the first two pictures in this entry are their dresses), a line based in Los Angeles that reinterprets classic 40's and 50's looks for women with contemporary bodies (women today are taller, and our waists are usually lower, though mine isn't). The pieces have a distinctly pin-up girl vibe, but they don't look costume-y--I'd happily wear that little strapless polka-dotted number to a party (though if some drunk ass were to spill beer on me in a dress like that, he would immediately encounter my less ladylike side).

I'm not planning on getting one of their dresses any time soon, (I HAVE to start consuming clothes at a slightly slower rate, at least. . . it's getting out of hand) but if I do get one of their pieces in the future, I'd like to accessorize properly, so I searched around for authentic-looking (though hopefully not beat-up, tiny, and narrow) vintage style shoes, and I TOTALLY SCORED. Sorry for the caps. I'm not a big fan of overemphasizing things, but finding Remix Vintage Shoes was truly exhilarating. Their shoes, in every way, from the sturdy construction to the clearly vintage shapes to the saturated colors, look straight out of 1940 (or 50 or 60), but they're in perfect shape, they're not little tiny and narrow, and they're just SO CUTE!

Even though both aforementioned sources of sweet, pin-up-y cuteness are pretty reasonably priced, I, personally, am a college student, and I know there are other people out there who would like to be able to do the whole vintage sweetness look on a budget too. Good news: it can be done. I've assembled a small selection of sweetly vintage-inspired pieces at cheap cheap cheap prices here, with a focus on, you guessed it, sort of pin-up girl style things. You can't go wrong with sweet, sexy, and feminine.

The dress at right is a mere $42 (compared to about $120 for the other dresses, and around $150 for the shoes), and with the sweetheart neckline, hawaiian print, and strapless styling, it's got a definite vintage vibe. It's infinitely accessible, luckily, at Alloy. Also available at Alloy is the pictured halter. I hate to beat a word to death, but it's pin-sized dot pattern is, well, sweet.

Swimwear is a pin-up girl staple, but fortunately, that can be done on the cheap too. The pictured suit is a mere $40 at Delia*s, and the print and the old-fashioned halter styling make it appealingly vintage-y. Y'know, it's embarrassing ('cause I'm not exactly 13 anymore), but I love Delia*s. I just find so much great stuff there.

All of you who know me in real life know that I would never neglect footwear. Now, it's easy to find pin-up girl heels (I actually just got a pair today--they have a round toe and ruffles. I'm very pleased), but flats may be a little harder. Flats are also a little more essential for those of us who spend much of our days running around to classes, or running around anywhere else. Fortunately, I've found a great vintage color and shape at Urban Outfitters. Also, their Pretty Little Ballet comes in tons of great, old-fashioned, jewel-toned colors now. If I could find any justification to buy more shoes right now, I'd probably get all the colors.

Viva la vintage! I will truly always have a love for vintage clothes and vintage shopping. Now, however, all the above purveyors of vintage style without the hassle have a place in my heart, too.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Sad times, desperate measures

Everyone's moving out of my dorm today (and yesterday too). I, personally, am staying through commencement though, so I'm here for a while. I know that hanging out with seniors is going to be fun, but it's still surprisingly sad to see my friends leave, even those who I know I'll see sometime this summer. I was moping around and reflecting on how much an empty dorm sucks when I had a bizarre flashback--when I was in 10th grade, I used Max Factor 2,000 Calorie Waterproof Mascara for a little while. I gotta say, it was pretty incredible. It could withstand anything--showering included, which is why I had to give it up. Still though, it would be perfect for teary times.

Because my opinion matters

It's old news that all the fashion editors have gone crazy for Fendi's giant buckles. Even though I'm not particularly one to covet an "it" item, I must say, I think the giant buckles are pretty cool too. BUT! I dare to be different in that, while most fashionisti are drooling over the midsized B bag (below),

I, personally, think that the single-buckled B bag is much cuter.

Take that, fashion world.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Allure of French actresses

I just bought the latest Allure. I'm a little surprised at myself, since I usually try to avoid magazines that always have the same boring sex and home decorating tips and conservative dress tips, and fashion spreads that are just never extraordinary. All of this is the case because, of course, Allure is a beauty magazine, and while I won't deny that they do have fabulous beauty stuff, I just ilke clothes better. Plus, when I put on makeup in the morning (pre-coffee), I don't want to be intimidated by 30 potential eyeshadows and 12 potential blushes, which combine to make 360 different overall looks. This is also if I don't add mascara and eyeliner into the mix. Oy.

So why did I break down and buy Allure, a magazine that's mediocre in everything except the stuff I don't need? Two words: Audrey Tatou. I have no desire to see The Davinci Code, but I still think she's adorable, fascinating, and, oh yeah, TALENTED. So, I'm actually eagarly awaiting reading Allure. How weird.

Friday, May 19, 2006

What I like

You know, it occurs to me that in this blog, I react to a lot of things I see or hear about in the fashion world, but I don't really talk about my own tastes much (save for the fact that I'm an environmentalist who likes babydoll dresses). So, if any of you look at me as a woman of mystery (ha), and are wondering what I'm like, here are some clues, in terms of the things that I really like:

1. High necklines and low backlines: I'm actually wearing a mini dress like this right now (going out with friends in about 15 minutes), and I think it's MUCH sexier than it would be if the lines were reversed and I was showing a lot of cleavage. Ok, so maybe I like this because I don't actually have cleavage. Still, subtlety is sexy.

2. Headbands: I wore a headband a few days ago for an Alice in Wonderland themed party, and I'm officially hooked. I wore one just to look like Alice (which is appropriate, since the Brits call them Alice bands), but I realized how cute they are, what an easy accessory they are, how much they can tie your look together, AND how they can keep your hair out of your face when it's down, and now I can't envision life pre-headband. Which is funny, considering that life pre-headband was like, a week ago.

3. Dark but sheer lipgloss: No explanation for this one. I've liked dark, sheer lip treatments (because I like lipstick too) since seventh grade. I think they're just sublime. My top picks are Clinique's Black Honey (which I think is a top pick of most women in the US), L'occitane's blackberry lip balm, and, I admit, Bonnebell's Vita Gloss 2 O in plum. Hey, it's cheap, easy to find, smells good, and looks really, really pretty. No shame.

4. Stickers: another new one. I got a new pair of black Converse Chuck Taylors recently because mine are quite literally falling apart, but I wanted to keep my old ones because I'm a theatre kid, and it's good to have something to wear for painting sets or striking. I was at a craft store looking for some glue to hold them together, and I found some floral heart-shaped stickers that are so precious and sweet that they're almost cloying, but they're still mostly just cute. I put some of them on the shoes for good measure (beat-up converses and victorian-style stickers are a surprisingly good match), and now, they've found their way onto a drab tote-bag, too. I haven't bought any other stickers, but now I'm keeping my eye out for cute ones. It's an easy way to make things adorable, so long as it's done in moderation.

5. Ballet flats: I'm just obsessed, period. I have something along the lines of 14ish pairs, but I'm always looking for more. I'm wearing my most recent aquisitions (at right) today, and sadly, they're slightly too big, but I don't care. I can deal with my heels slipping when they're this damn cute.

That's all I can think of for now. There are tons of others, but I won't bore you with such a long list. Unless, of course, you now all covet my ridiculously fashionable style. . . nah. Besides, I'm too lazy.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Insert clever heading regarding Dsquared here

I'm usually not a big fan of dresses with necklines that are closer to the waist than the neck. I mean, sure, it can be sexy, pretty, even, but where's the subtlety? This isn't a moral thing--I have nothing whatsoever against women's bodies. I just think that intrigue is beautiful, and hinting is sexier than telling.

The dress by Dsquared above still somehow gets everything right. I guess it's the way that modest length and solid color keep it from being loud that make the neckline nice. Tasteful, even. And, ok, you're all welcome to slap me for saying this and repeating myself for the ten-thousandth time, but the babydoll shape makes it sweetly sexy instead of loud, brash, obvious, do-me sexy. Next time I need a new LBD, I'm gonna scour eBay and designer consignments for it or something like it, because I can't afford $545 right now. If I could, in most cases, I would spend $250 on a similar dress and have some slush fund leftover to take my friends out at night, but in this case, I just might buy the dress.

If you've got a lot more money than me, buy it at Aloha Rag.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Amorphous blob earrings

I needed to do something that didn't involve my brain tonight, so I decided to make some earrings. Of course, I didn't want to use my brain, so I didn't bother to think of a design. I'm actually kind of happy with what I came up with, though:

I know that minimalism is in, but outfits still need to be visually interesting in order to be stylish, and I think that bizarre, bold accesories do the trick. I think I might actually be brave and wear them out sometime.

Favorite things

Today was a pretty schleppy day, clothing-wise: stretch jeans, fleecy sandals (hard to explain), handmade earrings, and a j. crew tissue tee. It was all perfectly appropriate, since pretty much all I did today was write a paper (so. glad. to. be. done.), but I didn't feel particularly excited about any of it. When I went to get ice cream with a friend earlier tonight, I wanted to feel at least somewhat stylish (it wasn't that we were going anywhere special, or that I have to impress her or anything; it was just that I had felt so blah all day that I wanted to feel a little more special), but I didn't want to change or make an effort. You would think I was out of luck. . . BUT! I have an incredible bracelet that quiet seriously makes every single outfit better. It's a wicker band encased in clear lucite, and it goes with everything. The best part? It was, and I kid you not, 25 cents at a thrift store. No joke. So I wore it. And know what? I did feel pretty.

Do you have any magic clothing/accessory items that are easy to wear and instantly make things more stylish? If so, prove to me that you exist by commenting and telling me about it!

Finals Chic II

The last time I posted an entry titled "Finals Chic" I was being sarcastic, but now I have a true story to share with all you lovely people.

I almost never wear eyeliner. It's just too much trouble to put it on neatly in the morning just to watch it smudge all over my eyes during the day. I mean, smudgy eyeliner may be sexy at a sweaty dance party, but in a composition class or out to lunch, it just looks messy and awkward. A few days ago though, I had to wear eyeliner while shooting a film, and I was surprised to see that, tired as I was, it actually looked ok. I wore eyeliner the next two days, and as maintenance, I just used a q-tip to wipe it from where it didn't belong a couple times a day. It was much easier than constantly reapplying under eye concealer and blush and other "refreshing" makeup, and since the eyeliner put the attention on my eyes, I didn't need to really bother much with the rest of my face.

No one commented on how I looked at all during those two days. Now, I don't really have much to do today (thank God), so this morning, I just stuck to my normal makeup routine (concealer and mascara--I'll grant I was sleep-deprived, though no more so than usual). Go figure that the first friend I saw said, "You know, you look kind of bedraggled." Bedraggled? Huh? Who says that?

So, the moral of this (rather wandering) story is that, contrary to popular belief, you shouldn't, in fact, wear less makeup when you're tired; you should pile on the eyeliner. That is, if you're me.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

American Preppy vs. English Preppy

It seems to me that there's a constant, if not particularly large, debate on British style vs. American style. I can't really voice my opinion on the debate (ie, which I think is better), because I haven't been to England in way too long, and plus, it's kind of an extremely broad topic.

The best way to deal with broad topics, however, is to break them down. So, because preppy styles have been catching my eye lately (not that I like them--I usually don't. I just think we'll be seeing a lot of it for summer), let's compare the British interpretation to the American one, shall we?

Now, having been to a stifling preppy middle school (which is probably why prep looks don't interest me at all right now), I associate prep largely with Abercrombie & Fitch and other teen versions of it, but I know that A&F is only a small part of it. To me, American preppy is polos, khakis, bermudas, button-ups, oxfords, a-line skirts, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Le Tigre, J. Crew, and a slight sense of snobbery. Don't get me wrong, I like Ralph Lauren sometimes, and I usually really like J. Crew, but preppy is all in the assemblage (and yes, I know that Lacoste is French. It's still an American Prep mainstay, though).

English prep, however, looks much more fancy-private-school than East Hamptons to me. Of course, it's still snobby, but there's some intellect and dignity there. I think little blazers, plaid, berets, crests, pleated skirts, etc., when I think of English preppy. The first brand that's called to mind is Fred Perry. Of course Fred Perry is very typically preppy, but it's also fun. I mean, check out their website. It's kinda edgy and dark, not what one usually associates with prep. Their most recent collaboration, pictured at right, also produced some pretty damn adorable clothes, and while you could definitely call them preppy, they're just much cuter, more unexpected, and more original than what you think when somoene says "prep."

I guess I also associate English preppy with a degree of sophistication (a la Burberry--I mean, look at how easy, and chic, and not-that-snobby the picture at left is) that I just don't see in the mass-marketed Abercrombie/American Eagle/Aeropostale American preppy look that can be found at any middle school in the country (which is a look that needs to die, by the way). I will grant that I have a huge bias, and I'll even go so far as to say that if I ever visit Martha's Vineyard, I might buy some madras bermudas first (I draw the line at polo shirts, though). But in the end, if someone forced me to dress in a preppy fashion, but gave me the choice between English preppy and American preppy, I would definitely choose English (whew, I'm glad I have that decision made. . .)


I hereby declare Bust Magazine stylish. If you haven't checked it out yet, do so. It's le mieux. Seriously. Go buy a copy, it's awesome.

And that is all.

I'm not dead

Sorry about the lack of updates, faithful readers. I'm still here, I'm just, shall we say, on the busy side. I turned in 44 pages of writing this morning, and it's sort of killed my desire to write recreationally. I'm still addicted to clothing (I bought a pair of sweats not 10 minutes ago--I know sweats aren't particularly stylish, but finals leave me in a sweatpants-and-men's-undershirts aesthetic), and I still like to broadcast my opinion, so fear not, I'll be posting plenty of updates soon. Even if I'm not particularly in the mood to write, I still enjoy the superficiality breaks that blogging gives me, so I'll still post. Just don't expect me to be witty.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Think of me when you wear it

Does anyone want this? I can't think of anything that would justify me bidding on this dress, but it's almost too good to pass up. I'll never have an opportunity to wear it, though, so it should go to someone who will. Sigh. Sometimes I hate college.

Sounds like "flu bug," but it's much cooler

I believe I was a senior in highschool when I first noticed Irregular Choice London shoes. I fell in love immediately, went crazy over them, felt liberated by their creativity, etc. Well, Irregular Choice is still lovely, crazy, and creative, but they're getting to be old hat (old shoe?). Where's the next new vision of completely different shoes?

Well, I'm not important enough to say I've found them (who would listen?), but if the world has any taste, Fluevog might be it. Apparently they've been around since the 80's, but I've only just heard of of them. Their shoes are definitely crazy and original, but calling them stylish, I think, depends on the context of the time, and this just might be Fluevog's time. These shoes are not elegant and sleek and sexy; they're unlike anything else. They're wild and daring and bold and overdesigned, and in the current trend of minimalism, they might be just what we need.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Aren't I clever?

You know, I love to shop, but sometimes, retail just doesn't do it. I went shopping today to blow off some steam (study week--didn't need the clothes, but I sure as hell needed the recreation), and I definitely did well--I got a cute top, a cute dress, and a headband that I am so going to wear, like, tomorrow. Oh, and there's a kitty cat tote bag at H&M that I talked myself out of while I was there, but I know I'm going to go back and get it.

As much as I love my new purchases though, I must say, the dress, which is striped, will need a little help to look anything other than sophisticated (and all my clothing must multi-task). I looked through my jewelry, and while I definitely have bracelets and necklaces that would do the job, I don't really wear bracelets or necklaces (much). Earrings, however, are an integral part of every outfit for me, so I needed a big, spangly-but-not-colorful pair to wear with my new dress to make it more fun. Since I knew what I wanted, I made them it myself. Here's the earrings on the fabric of the dress:

So, be brutally honest, how did I do?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The trials of vintage

Tear. I love vintage for many reasons. I love it for being unique. I love it for having a story. I love it for being interesting. I love it for preventing new clothing production (hey, we all know I'm an eco-nerd). I love it for being lovely. I hate it, however, for its sizing. When it comes to clothes, I'm pretty lucky--I'm a size 4, but I have a pretty small waist (proportionately to my hips, anyway), so vintage dresses, skirts, etc., fit me pretty well. With shoes, however, which are ironically possibly my main fixation, I have no such luck. I've just been searching for vintage Maud Frizon shoes on eBay, and happily, there's actually quite a selection--all in about a size 6. I'll suffer a little for fashion, but I wear an 8.5 sized shoe, and I'm not willing to suffer that much. If you ARE a size 5 or 6 though, buy some of these shoes and think of me:

LINKS: size 6.5, size 5.5, size 6, size 6.5, size 5.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Loyale environmentalist

Those of you who read Elle already know this, but for those of you who don't, I'm going to pass on the good news. I (and by I, I mean Elle) have discovered another eco-designer! Now, I imagine that you all already know that green fashion interests me, since I love loomstate, and care about clothing with a conscience, so I hope you guys will also be happy to know that FIT graduate (maybe--Elle is unclear about whether or not she graduated--one way or another, she was there) Jenny Hwa is expanding her green line, Loyale, into ready-to-wear (it was previously just yoga wear). She uses sustainable materials (think organics, bamboo modal, etc.), and only produces clothing at fair-wage factories within the country. Basically, she is the ultimately conscientious businessperson.

Oh, and her clothes are pretty stylish, too. She makes soft, drapy, simple, feminine pieces that look as comfy as their are trendy. Apparently, her stuff is available at Calypso, but I'm not near a Calypso, so I'm going to have to track her down online somewhere. I'm up for the challenge.


Good expensive, bad expensive

You know, reflecting on my last post, I must admit, I only shared half the story--all clothes, not just cheap clothing, is all in the choosing. Observe:

Chloe. Simple, gorgeous, sort of sublimely perfect, even though that's a strong assertion to make. I love the way that the combination of a relatively high hem and modest shift shape make it so elegant and sexy. It's a pity I can't afford it, because I think it's my ideal little black dress.

Kay Unger. Icky mumsy shapeless ugly weird, ew ew ew. This looks like it belongs at Chico's, not Neiman Marcus.

But both pieces are available at upscale fashion beacon Neiman Marcus, which proves once and for all that taste is always more important than money. Not that money hurts.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Good cheap, bad cheap

Even though I'd like to think that this is a fashion blog (as opposed to a clothing blog, where the high fashion world isn't really discussed), I am aware that I talk about cheap clothes a lot. Now, I love designer jeans (especially James Cured and Yanuk. . . I love you, James and Yanuk!) as much as the next fashion-obsessed twentysomething, but I do think that good clothes, fashion, even, can be cheap. Observe:

This dress, which I am so getting, is a mere $30 at Old Navy. I'll be quite unhappy if this dress isn't at in stock when I go (when I have time again in my life in a week or so). Now, on the other hand, cheap clothes can be pretty evil too. Observe:

I'm pretty sure that this top, courtesy of Walmart, went out in 1996, though I'm not sure that color has ever been in. Dude, you couldn't pay me to wear this.

So, the moral of this story is that it's all in the choosing. Now, go buy some Tara Jarmon clothes at Target (squeal!).

Vintage ads: proof that style never goes out of style

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Necessary Line

You know, I've never been much one for mall shopping. I just spent a little (read: a lot) too much of my life at one in seventh grade, and there's never been any allure there for me since. If anything, I hate having to deal with screaming children, packs of 12 year-old girls (heh. . .), and salespeople who obviously don't want to be there. Mall shopping=not fun. Likewise, mall clothing is often just plain unexciting. It's overwrought, watered-down interpretations of the things that the CEOs (not designers) already know will sell, because everyone already wears it. BORING.

One mall line that has caught my attention, though, is Necessary Objects. The clothes are unpretentious but fun, trendy but not trend whore-y. Also, they interpret the runway really well. Their things look wearable, not watered-down. How Chloe is the first pictured dress? I think it's lovely. And the second pictured dress is so very Sophia Kokosalaki--pretty, flowy, clearly Grecian, in a neutral, elegant color. But unlike Chloe and Sophia Kokosalaki, most Necessary Objects items are under $100.

Now, I know all your readers already know that I'm, like, obsessed with babydoll dresses, so Necessary Objects' profusion of them probably does have something to do with my affection, but it also shows their good taste. Also, not all of their designs are, um, "designer-inspired;" the dress at left is just a lovely litte party dress, probably one that would be styish at any point in design history. It reminds me of Anna Sui, but that's a "reminds me of," not an "is ripped off of."

And moving away from the theme of babydoll dresses, they do other things pretty well, too. I'm not nearly as into other shapes right now, so don't expect a whole editorial, but I will say that I really like what they've done with the jodhpur look--speaking as a rider, there are much worse things they could do with the equestrian trend. I think I'd actually wear those. They'd look nice with a casual tank and sandals.

I'm salivating

Wow. This is, like, paradise for a ballet-flat junkie (much like myself). Sadly, though, I've considered the possibilities, and I have absolutely nowhere whatsoever to store more shoes--especially since I'm planning on buying lots of flats this summer. . . oh well. I'm bidding on vintage sundresses right now, anyway. Still though, if you need to expand your shoe wardrobe, and wish to do so cheaply and stylishly, bid away! Oh, and I think that Sam & Libby runs small, just in case that persuades anyone's decisions.