Monday, April 30, 2007

Quick Note

I'm not sure if it's Blogger or Hotmail, but I'm no longer always getting notified when someone comments.

SO, if I don't respond to your comment, please don't take it personally! Stupid computers.

Yet another reason that I'm moving to England (eventually)

I do adore shoes. I've never considered myself specifically a shoe person, but other people certainly do--my freshman year roomate forbade me from buying any more shoes sometime in March of our freshman year (and I don't blame her--they were taking over the room), a good friend of mine once christened me "Imelda," and one day in rehearsal, when our director mentioned a former student who had 200+ pairs of shoes, amidst shocked cries of "excess!" and the like, one voice rang out, "How many pairs of shoes do you have again, [Principessa]?" Ouch.

So, I've tried to cut back on the shoes. It hasn't been too difficult. Were I back in London, however, I might be having worse problems. Topshop, Office, and Faith were all frequent indulgences for me, and now, I'm regretting having missed Terra Plana. Terra Plana is a sustainable, innovative shoe company that tries to be ethical in all levels of production, and uses completely earth-friendly materials in its production (think recycled material, chemical-free, etc.) Furthermore, their shoes are awesome. The pictured pump reminds me of Marc Jacobs petal-heel shoes, but more creative (sorry, Marc!). The flat makes me think that I just might need another pair of black flats. Plus, it's just awesome that, through buying shoes, you can help save the planet.

But then, the fact that they don't seem to be available stateside is saving my wallet.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Shoes of the week

Polo season is over. Goodbye, riding boots! I actually don't own a real pair of polo boots like the ones pictured, but I'd love some. Goodbye, Nala, Diamond, Claire, and Gameboy! See you next season!

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Fashion PSA

Last night, I went to a party wearing my glasses. Why? Because

A) It was just my good friends
B) They're pretty nice (the only thing by Prada that I own)
C)I was tired, damn it!

I walked in, and amidst the "hellos," one friend simply said, "Hot!" I replied, "Huh?" He continued: "Liking the glasses. I love girls in glasses. Hot." This particular friend is absolutely gorgeous, and more than a little bit of a womanizer. Moral of the story: guys DO make passes in girls who wear glasses!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Crunch time

Crunch time as in, that "crunch" sound you just heard was my spine breaking under the weight of all my final papers. 17 pages of French essay. 35 page screenplay. 35-60 pages (which is like, the length of a thesis, not a final paper) of final essay for Shakespeare (my second Shakespeare class--clearly not a beginning level one), and then I have dance classes and my independant study to think of. And then, of course, I have other obligations:

1. I owe my friends a party
2. I have to put together a performance for a cabaret show
3. I need to prep for my apprenticeship this summer.

Then there are the constants:

1. I need to work out
2. I need to run errands
3. I need to walk my iPod (ie, procrastinate).

This all is going to have one of two effects on me: I'll either stop blogging completely over the next few weeks (or close to it--I have a few entries saved up that I could post, and I'm sure I'll find little things to post on, too), or I'm going to so desperately need to write about things that AREN'T the universal qualities of vengeance as it relates to legal and illegal forms of revenge in pre-revolutionary France, or my screenplay (I'm so tired of my protagonists--Leah and Jack, go find someone else to bother! And will you just cut to the chase and fuck already? Don't make me crank out more pages of sexually tense, cutting-albeit-witty arguments. . . please?), or what the Scottish play may have looked like as it was originally staged at the Globe theatre that I'll blog every time I need a break, and I'll start churning out ten times more entries than usual. Which of the two will happen remains unforeseen. But anyhow, if you don't see me around for a little while, I'm not dead. Quite.

Off to the library. Shakespeare calls.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Maybe I need an "unethical" category, too

You know, I'm all for irony. In fact, in highschool I was known both for my sweetness and my sarcasm. Ironic, right? And I promise you, this blog would be far more cynically bitchy and sarcastic if it wasn't that those things don't really read well over the internet. Still, even for my taste, the new Diesel ads are a bit much. I mean, "Global Warming Ready?" Do we really want to glamorize the apolcalypse? Don't get me wrong, I love Diesel's controversial photography, and I know that the intent is not to glamorize global climate change. But regardless of weather or not that's the intent. . . doesn't it do so, just a little? I expect Diesel to be controversial and ironic. But I know a hell of a lot more about branding than most people do. I don't think most peopel are subtle enough to pick up on the paradoxical element of it. Let's face it: most consumers aren't English or Media Studies majors. Most people just aren't gonna get it. And therefore, since most people are going to take it in a straightforward sense, I don't like the message "Global Warming Ready."


Monday, April 23, 2007

So you can spend more money on booze!

Such an overwhelming response to my cocktail dress entry has prompted me to do another one. This one, however, is much kinder to the wallet, I promise. So, where do you go when you need something cute and cheap? Why, Forever21, of course! I must reiterate, it's important to get something that's not as cheap as it looks, so I've culled a few pieces that look a lot better than the bargain that they are.

This one is sweet and vintagey, admittedly a bit casual and loud for a cocktail party, but for a more casual cocktail party, I think that it could definitely be pulled off-especially if you're a broke college student (like meeeee) and most of your dressier parties are just for fun anyway.

This one is pure Femme Fatale. It's a dangerous dress, however--any mistakes in the fit would look just plain cheap. Best to go a size up in this one, and then suck in your gut all night.

Depsite the loud pattern, this one, I think, is actually more versatile than one would assume. Of course it would work for the type of rowdy, silly, drunken college cocktail party as aforementioned, but I think that the pattern is sophisticated enough that it could be legitimately formal, too. It's certainly a flattering cut, and with subtle shoes (black or nude) and tights (my preference is black, but one can always improvise), I think it would work for real cocktail parties, too.

This one is purely for a cocktail party thrown in a garden. I'd never wear it anywhere else. But, for a cocktail party thrown in a garden, isn't it perfect?

There. Now that we've only spent $30 on the dress, can we please spend more than $4 on the champagne? Does it have to be Andre again? It does? But why? Fine. I guess we'll make cheap mimosas again.


Check it out

This is cool. So is this.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fashionably Green

I have no time. But I would never let earth day pass me by without a blog entry about sustainable and ethical fashion. So, a quick overview of the delightfully responsible and ethical:

Converse All-Stars: so stylish, so vegetarian. Raising animals for slaughter has a hugely negative environmental impact. The fewer animal products you consume, the smaller your environmental impact will be. Plus, the fabulous above slip-ons are made with hemp, which is pretty damn sustainable as textiles go. The awesome texture is a bonus.

American Apparel is doing an organic cotton line. The quantity of pesticides that gets used on conventional cotton crops is shocking. Organic cotton is, well, organic, and doesn't use any environmentally damaging pesticides. Plus, American Apparel is sexy.

Also in the organic cotton vein are sexy Del Forte jeans.

Edun, another Bono creation, is a line of clothing that isn't always made with organic cotton, but they do always have an eye toward environmental impact. They're also ethically produced--I need to be doing Shakespeare, so I can't fill you on the the details. Google it. Or, just look at the pretty dress.

Loomstate is one of my favorite brands of all time. They do use all organic cotton, and all of their designs are simple, unassuming, original, and gorgeous. Their jeans are amazing, but be sure to check out their beautifully printed tees.

And, of course, when you want to shop ethically, there's always Thrifting!

Happy Earth Day! Maybe I won't work on my projects, as a form of protest against the mindless and gratuitous consumption of trees in paper products. . .

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Shoes of the week

Fierce. Strong. Rugged. Bold. And yet, still lovely and pretty enough to be the shoes of the week.

I have a total crush on Chie Mihara.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Something Pretty

What with the picture-less annoucement of the Thrift Score Challenge, Round II, followed directly by the rather wordy results from the Thrift Score Challenge (henceforth known as I), My blog is now rather plain at first view. So, something pretty to counteract it:

Gemstone earrings from Fred Flare. On sale for $4.99. Can't do a hell of a lot better than that!


By popular demand

Thanks to the overwhelming response to the results of the Thrift Score Challenge, I've decided to go ahead and hold a Round II. Anyone who missed out can mail a few of their favorite thrifted finds to Guidelines are the same. Those of you who already contributed are more than welcome to contribute new finds--I know I'll toss in a few of my own. S. and KF both sent me more pictures than I could use, so I'll try to get those out there as well. Soooo. . . send away! I'll give it at least two weeks, probably more, given that I'm due to start having panic attacks about finals any day now. Hopefully, all of your brilliant little thrifted beauties will distract me from the piles of papers I have to write.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

And finally. . . without further ado. . . THE THRIFT SCORE CHALLENGE!

My, my. Was it really so long ago that I first announced and solicited photos for the Thrift Score Challenge? It was, it was ages ago, and I do apologize for the delay (blame my academic schedule). Still, I appreciate everyone's submissions more than I can say, and now, it's time to share them!

First, we have a written submission. Lauren writes: "I got an adorable pair of 1970's mens wear pants at a thrift store called the Cat's Eye, and they were $2.oo. Can you believe that? Anyway, I am obsessed with them. They are brown tweed with a silver clasp thingy where the button should be, and they are soooooo comfy! Nothing good has happened in them yet, although I've gotten many compliments!" Well, here's to hoping that something good happens in them soon!

Next, it seems only right that the first picture I post should be from Bits and Bobbins whose blog and Wardrobe Remix Flickr Group were part of the inspiration for this challenge in the first place. Like me, she found it tough to choose just a few favorites, but she rose to the challenge. Regarding her favorite (recent) thrift score, she writes, "around the winter holidays, my husband and i usually travel back to florida, where both of our parents live. my husband's parents reside in jacksonville, florida, where my husband and i also lived for a couple years in the early '00s. whenever we go back for a visit, i thrift like a madwoman. the thrifting in florida is the best i've ever experienced, hands down. lots of vintage abounds, especially in the past when thrifting wasn't as trendy as it is today, because many old folks retire and die down there and leave much behind in their wake. many of my favorite pieces have been found in florida. i found this tiny little acid wash jacket on one of those holiday visits, i think it was 2005. it's a children's size, but the armholes and back fit me perfectly. it cost about $4 or so, i believe. i wear it like a little bolero, and i have found it goes with EVERYTHING. it was, hands down, the most worn item in my closet in 2006." I wonder if it will hold the same place of honor in 2007. . . I wouldn't be surprised if it did, because it's adorable!

Next, regarding this fabulous tote bag, she writes "this handmade needlepoint tote is one of my favorite finds ever...up there with the best. this one was also found on a trip to jacksonville, florida, to visit my husband's parents, probably in 2005. i had been thrifting all over town over a couple of days, collecting about 10 bags worth of finds. it was pretty sick! toward the end of the visit, i decided to go back to one of my favorite thrifts, very close to my in-law's house, for one last look. i rooted through the purses and totes, and unearthed this gem. i don't use it all the time anymore lest i wear it out, but i love it because of it's patchworky aspects, it's handmade feel, it's mix of riotous colors. it is ME and my fashion philosophy expressed in the form of a purse."

I can't even imagine what my fashion philosophy in a purse would look like. . . but maybe I'll find it sometime in a thrift shop! Next, we have submissions from KF of Life in Neon. He had so many things that I had to edit his selections down so that this post isn't as long as my Shakespeare final will be. First off, we have some most fantastic sunglasses that I honestly wish I had found first:

So shiny and unique! Next up is a peacoat that fits him damn perfectly and looks more like Marc Jacobs than a thrift shop score. I'm especially digging that massive collar:

And finally, a black denim guess jacket. How is it that a black denim jacket can simultaneously be so 80's and so now? One way or another, I love it.

Next up is Brittany, fashion student AND blogger of Memories Into Oblivion. Lucky Californian (I miss the sun soooo much out here in the Northeast!) that is she, her first submission is a beach cover up. She writes, "The dress is awesome because I wear it to the beach all the time. It's like just below the butt so it's perfect, and last summer, I think it was in style." Still looks stylish to me:

Next--and this is so cute that I'm almost squealing--a band sweater! She writes, "The band sweater was "thrifted" from my dad's closet. It was his middle school band sweater. awww! It doesn't really fit anymore, but I waer it to make him happy, and I love the emblem." Seriously, this makes me wish that I had been a band nerd in highschool:

Lastly, like KF, she has a fabulous pair of sunglasses, regarding which she writes, "The sunglasses are big and bold. Love em, just got em the other day actually." I love 'em too:

Then, from S. of Do This Don't. . . a whole lot of things. Once again, for the sake of length, I had to edit down a bit, but they were tough calls to make. These shoes are beyond awesome. I LOVE the diagonal strap. She writes, "I usually have great luck with shoes. These Mary Jane's are the most recent. I think they've never been worn."

Next up, regarding this gorgeous green dress (which actually looks a lot like a shopbop dress that I posted recently. . . lucky!), she writes, "This dress is the most lovely dress in the world. Very feminine and kinda 1940's. I'll wear with thrifted peep toes."

Lastly, some people really do have all the luck. About these last shoes, she writes, "I had wanted a pair of yellow patent pumps and there they were!" And here they are:

Finally. . . me! I agonized for ages over what to post, but I finally narrowed it down to two things. One is a thing that gets a lot of play in my wardrobe, another was just a complete shock to find at a thrift store. These mauve-y pumps are such a soft, easy neutral color that they go with everything--which is pretty nice, considering that they were $4. The swirly decorations on the front are actually detachable shoe clips(!), but I like them so much that I never take them off. These go with everything: dresses, pencil skirts, skinny jeans. . . I'm strongly considering wearing them to a concert Saturday night, but what would I do if one of the clips got lost in the craziness? DIE, probably!

Lastly, this amazing little printed shift dress is kind of difficult to see in the picture, but it's a dark blue silky fabric with a huge, bright red poppy print. It was--are you ready?--$1. No joke! It was right there are my local Salvation Army, out on the rack with the rest of the dresses. Now, most of the dresses there are, I believe $5. That includes ugly little shapeless corduroy shifts from the 90's, plaid schoolteacher jumpers, long, slumpy sweaterdresses, etc. Somehow, wonderfully, unbelieveably, miraculously, this little beauty rang up as $1! I rarely get to wear it now--it's a bit formal--but when I was living the swingin' London life, I actually got to wear it quite a bit. It's gorgeous with black tights (and yes. . . the shoes in the picture of the very same vintage yellow pumps that are getting so much air time in my blog right now).

Once again, thanks to all contributors! Thrifting is fun, and a fantastic way to shop ethically and find unique clothes. Missed out this time around? Anyone who wishes they had participated too, or anyone who did contribute and now has new thrifted finds to show off, can go ahead and email thrifted finds (with the heading "Thrift Score Challenge") to If I get enough submissions, I'll do a second round. For now, happy thrifting to all!


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yellow fever

Whew. Well, people seem to have very strong feelings about yellow and its uses. A quick clarification: I don't think, nor did I ever say, that any color is off limits for anyone. Fuck, if you want to wear something it, wear it. However, it's completely possible to like something and just not want to wear it personally if it doesn't flatter. I have a friend who's quite stylish and likes skinny jeans on other people, but she's small with muscular calves, and she just doesn't like them on herself. And she doesn't wear them. And she has a gorgeous, fun, unique style that completely reflects her without them. As much as I like some shades of yellow (and it's worth noting that I hate some shades of yellow as well), a lot of shades of yellow, usually truer yellows that aren't very golden-y and warm, just don't flatter me. The reason that I don't think it flatters me is that bright shades of yellow make my dark blonde hair look dull. There are quite a few other blondes who I've seen wearing yellow poorly as well. It makes certain shades of blonde look a bit greyish in comparison. Now, I reiterate, should said blondes like what they wear and feel comfortable in it, then it doesn't matter that their hair doesn't look as bright as it could. But for me, with my pale skin, if my hair color looks dull or monotone, I can look completely washed out in comparison.

Now, since I do like some tones of yellow, I've found ways to wear bits of it that don't ruin how I look. I already posted about my thrifted pumps (and I posted a picture in the entry currently in question), and I specified in the entry that I rather like yellow shoes, since they're so far away from my face. I never said that it was completely impossible for all blondes to wear all shades of yellow, and I offer you the above photo as proof: both my shoes and bag have yellow, and it doesn't wash me out/ruin my hair. In fact, I rather like that outfit. But would I ever wear yellow close to my face? I think you all know the answer to that question.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Admitting defeat? Naw.

A few days ago, after this post, where I said that most blondes can't wear a lot of yellows, someone posted a comment saying I was "so wrong." I disagreed--I didn't say that no blondes can wear any yellow, I said that most blondes can't wear most yellows. And, speaking as a blonde that can't wear most yellows, I maintain that I'm right.

Still, it's one of life's cruel ironies that I've been falling in love with yellow clothes lately. First there was the banana dress. Then, I posted about my amazing vintage shoes, pictured below. Now, I'll specify and say that I've never felt that blondes can't wear yellow shoes--so little yellow so far away from your face is totally fine. In fact, I even want that shiny yellow pair of patent pumps. They would SO make a neutral outfit pop!

But it goes further. . . now, I'm even lusting after this dolman t-shirt from Delia*s. It's not solid yellow like the dress that I can't have, but still, it's a lot of yellow, close to my face, even. . . good thing I can't try it on. If I had a Delia*s store nearby and I could try it, I'd totally buy it if it worked!

PS--regarding those cute little thrifted yellow pumps. . . results from the not-yet-forgotten Thrift Score Challenge are on their way!

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Shoes of the week

Don't you love it when you have one piece that absolutely makes an outfit? Something that can be worn with a little black dress or jeans and a white tank and make both outfits look absolutely complete? That, my friends, describes these Goldenbleu boots. I don't care that it's not boot season. I want them now.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Excuses, excuses. . .

Score! I got one of my top choice apprenticeships for this summer. I reiterate: Yessssss! It's the perfect excuse to spoil myself with something pretty to celebrate. I'm dying for a new pair of dress shoes. Of course, apprentices don't get paid, so I probably shouldn't. . . but when have I ever claimed to be sensible? Here are my picks:

This Frye pair is my absolute favorite. They could go pretty formal with a nice, neutral skirt and ivory (not white!) fishnets, but they'd be just as good to wear with skinny jeans and an old, slouchy sweater. Want! I really want to buy them, but as they're a bit pricey, I have some other options as well.

I love Dolce Vita's shoes, especially their wedges. This pair would work with a lot of outfits.

I'm dying for a pair of nude heels. I obviously can't afford the Yves Saint Laurent ones, so I've been looking for a substitute. Surprisingly, the perfect pair come from Nine West.

Finally, the cheapest pick of the bunch comes from Urban Outfitters. The vintagey t-strap is fucking adorable, and the heel is sculpted, but totally low enough to be walkable. Plus, if I got this pair, I could get the top that I missed out on the first time around. . .

Decisions, decisions!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The skinny jeans debate

The skinny jeans debate has been happening since the advent of skinny jeans. In the beginning, I myself doubted their necessity. However, I soon realized that none of last fall's best tops really looked right with bootcut jeans, and I was converted by a really well-cut pair of skinnies. But alas, with the advent of wide-leg jeans, the debate has taken on a new vigor. Why, just last night in the dressing room, the debate became a rather heated one:

I: Skinny jeans just, like . . . don't flatter me.
C: Skinny jeans don't flatter anyone!
I: Yeah, they're tough.
C: I have no idea why anyone thinks they look good!
R: Because they show just how skinny anorexic models are.
C: Yeah, but they look bad on real people.
Me: Hey! I like them!

*Awkward silence*

Me: (continuing, unabashed) I've worked hard for my legs to look as good as they do, and I'm not ashamed to show the fact that they're muscular. So, I like skinny jeans a lot.

*Awkward silence* *Someone changes the subject*

It's worth noting that no one in that dressing room, save I (different from me--I'm using friends' initials to protect their privacy or something silly like that), who didn't say that she doesn't like skinny jeans, is a particularly stylish person. Don't get me wrong, they're lovely people, they just don't care/haven't completely figured out what works for them.

I should also note that I'm not super-skinny. I am a ballet dancer (hence the comment about working hard on my legs--everyone who goes to school with me knows that I take ballet all the time), and I do have long legs, but I also have hips and thighs. But hell, why would I be ashamed of them? I love my skinny jeans, I'm not a trend whore, and just because the haters are now promoting body-enveloping wide leg jeans, I'm not about to give my skinnies up. Still, I turn it over to my readers to voice their opinions:

Do you still wear your skinny jeans?
Yes! I still love them, and they still look hot!
No! I feel like they're going out, and I like to be ahead of the curve.
No-I never wore them in the first place.
No-I'm a guy.
Free polls from

PS--Why yes, that IS acid wash denim in the picture. I figure that if I'm going to be controversial about one thing, I have the room to go all the way with it.

This Sh*t is bananas!

Forgive me for the terribly cliche entry title--but how could I resist, with a dress like this?

Like everything else from See by Chloe, I want it.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

If only I had plenty of cocktail parties

I love that Tracey Reese is doing a new line of cocktail dresses. The line, which is cutely named Plenty Frock, is young and affordable, with a lot of variety. Two sentences in and this is already sounding like a magazine article, so I'm just going to forget on ahead to pictures.

I love this little pink wisp of a thing. If I had it, I would drink Gimlets and gin & tonic all night in an attempt to feel as much like a flapper as I looked.

This dress, however, is probably my favorite. I love how it's frilly and lacy and feminine, but the cut and the fact that it's not overloaded with details make it clean and contemporary.

I couldn't find a picture, but if I ever find her new little black mini dress with the balloon sleeves, it will become my new LBD. So, I guess it's good for my bank account that Plenty Frock hasn't hit stores yet.


Monday, April 09, 2007

Another designer collaboration. . . ho-hum. . .

Yeah, everyone's writing about it, everyone's reading about it, everyone's blogging it, even the New York Times has an article. Yet another collaboration. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the idea of getting designer clothing at an accesible price, I'm wild about the fact that you know longer have to be the American aristocracy to get something well-designed, but isn't it getting a bit. . . old? It was neato when H&M got the ball rolling on the collaboration thing. Hell, I STILL wish I had made it in time for Stella McCartney! And Target? Awesome. Somehow, the designs really always do come out looking perfectly wearable, yet still fashiony.

But haven't we jumped the shark? I mean, since when is Kate Moss a designer? I guess I would wear those vests, and maybe a few of the dresses as well, but I'm not finding it extraordinary in the same vein, as, say, Proenza Scouler for Target (though Behnaz was a drag--and I'm still seriously hoping that Libertine will be awesome). Designer collaborations have become so commonplace, and in some cases, just plain common in design, that they're just not exciting any more.

Gap is the last place that I would have expected to collaborate. However, I have to say, they're actually giving me a sliver of hope. It's awesome that they chose Rodarte, Thakoon, and Doo.Ri. Count me in for that shirt dress, if it looks as good as it sounds. . . but, as my advisor would say, "The proof [will be] in the pudding."

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Shoes of the week

I'm trying to pare down my wardrobe, really I am. I know that I don't need 30 pairs of pants, 20 sweaters, 12 coats, 15 skirts, and some 200-odd tops. I'm working on it. I'm sending a lot to charity, I promise. However, I'm finding it extremely tough to scale back on shoes when life keeps dangling delectable pairs like these little Loeffler Randall lovelies in front of my nose. Incredible texture, innovative use of material (cork!) beautifully versatile color, perfect amount of sparkle. . . I need to get a job.

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter dress!

I'm not terribly religious nowadays, but when I was living in my parents household, I was taken to church until I was old enough to resist (about thirteen, I think). Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-religion in any way, I just didn't really identify with what I was taught in chuch. Still, I have some fond memories--and almost all of them are easter. It wasn't that the church was always beautifully decorated in amazing colored banners (and it was). It wasn't that there were fresh flowers everywhere (and there were). It wasn't that the Easter egg hunt was great (and it was). It wasn't that I was given chocolate (and I was). It was that I got to wear the prettiest, frilliest, floral-est, springiest dress of the year on spring! I'm no longer churchgoing, but if I was, I would wear this:

Happy Easter, to those of you who celebrate it!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Strange times

. . . but good times! Huge party tonight. Huge. Forgive my typos, in fact. It's been a long day. I didn't have time to put on anythign super cute, so I wore some of my favorite vintage heels. It was probably just due to the quantity of substances consumed, but people were literally stroking my feet tonight in admiration of my shoes. Strange, strange times.

But good!


Feeling a bit waspy

I've never been a fan of Kate Spade. But-

-damn! The Sao Paolo bag, in woven patent leather, is really beautiful.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Too good to be true

I first saw Libertine in a small profile in Elle magazine two years ago. I have not forgotten that profile. For two years. And, despite the fact that their pricing is rather high, despite the fact that they're almost impossible to find in retail, despite, despite, despite, I can buy their clothes.

At Target. Too. Good. To. Be. True!


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Multiple (fashion) personality disorder

I can't make up my mind.

It's not that I don't know what I like. Quite the opposite, actually. Rather, it's that I can't decide who I want to be. See, I get rid of old clothes all the time (my friends love me) and get new clothes all the time (the economy loves me). One day, I'll get rid of tons of old things in cutesy cuts and colors, anything with a baby pattern, anything with too much lace or too many frills. I'll shop for things that are black and sleek, in modern, simple cuts. I'll eschew all things cute and covet all things sophisticated. Take, for example:

I almost blew a large chunk of my Christmas money on a black Diane Von Furstenburg dress a lot like the one above.

But brushing through one of my favorite cheapie catalogues, I immediately fell in love with the above sweatshirt.

Which brings me to another point. I can never really choose between quality and quantity. I can get one fabulous thing by Marc Jacobs or See by Chloe--or I can have several fun-but-disposable things from the likes of Forever 21 and H&M. So how does one choose? I wish I alwyas went for the better quality, more stylish designer piece, but a) it's hard to drop $300 as opposited to $30 in one go, even when I'll probably spend $300 in the end no matter what; b) if I get oil on my H&M top when I'm cooking, so what? If some drunk guy spills beer on my Cynthia Vincent silk sundress at a party, OH MY GOD, I will kill him; and c) sometimes, I really do fall in love with things from the cheapie places!

But even within bargain shopping, I have to debate. For example, I just bought this pair of shoes from Delia*s:

Pretty elegant, right? Kinda sophisticated, a very modern, eye-catching, look? Yeah. But my second choice was this unashamedly, unabashedly cute pair:

I mean, star cut-outs? COME ON! But they're adorable, right? And they could be a nice counterpoint to an otherwise very straightforward, unadorned outfit!

I guess it really is about counterpoints. Actually, the fact that I can't choose one distinct style or another is kind of my style. Since I buy both cute, strange, precious pieces and classic, chic, tailored pieces, I end up wearing outfits that consist of things like Marc Jacobs jeans, a black vintage sweater, and bright suede mustard-yellow heels. Take today for example:

Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, ancient, beat-up levis, Primark ruched flats. I actually rather like it, but it is a bit mixed-up. "Elegant-kitsch," if you will. Since, eventually, I'll probably have to outgrow the kitsch part, I might as well enjoy it while I can. Naw. That'll never happen. Maybe I really will get those star cut-out shoes. . .

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