Saturday, March 31, 2007

Exercising restraint

Will the shopping ever end? NO! Well, it'll never stop completely, but it does have to stop for a little while now that I've left New York. Actually, I moderated myself pretty well while I was there, given how much I wanted that I didn't indulge in. . . BUT, if one of my lovely readers out there wants to do a bit of shopping, here are my picks!

This darling little dress, from Forever 21, has such a fabulous pattern that you really wouldn't need much else to make it into an outfit. Like everything from Forever 21, it's also cheap as can be and easy to wear. It's a good thing it's yellow (which most blondes can't really wear, me included), or else I probably would have bought it.

I've actually wanted a nice checkered jacket since the fall. I had quite a few option in New York City, but none were quite perfect, and I figured that if I've waited this long, I can wait a bit longer for the perfect one. Jackets, apparently, are like men.

Shopping at places like Scoop, Intermix, Barney's Co-op and the like exposes me to far too much Marc Jacobs. Had I bought another Marc Jacobs piece, I probably would have spent myself into debt. Yes, one was enough--but there were still quite a few pretty little Marc by Marc Jacobs tops, such as the one above, that were calling my name.

As much as I like them, I didn't get a pair of sailor pants. I just don't have room in my closet, and I'm not ready to kick anythign else out to make room yet.

And hell, as long as I'm talking about things I can't have. . . this Chloe dress is amazing! It's never been an option for me, give my lack of thousands of dollars to spend on clothes, but I love it!

At Urban Outfitters, I had to ask an employee to check in the back and see if this top was available in my size. As I waited, a girl walked by and picked up the top and said, "Hideous. If this is in style, I don't want to be in style." Hahaha. It's ok, darling, I don't want to look like you, either. Anyway, I really love it, so it's an awful pity the they didn't have my size. Boo. Well, as soon as it goes on sale on the website, I'm going to STOP exercising restraint, and buy it!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Good News

Shopping: Concluded?

It's Marc Jacob's fault. I could have gotten piles upon piles of new clothing, but instead, I'm coming away from NYC with a very small, well-edited, selection of pieces. I have a dress, new pants, two new pairs of jeans (because my favorite pair of all time has a hole--I got the exact same pair again), and two new tops. Why not more? Because I fell in love with and was swept away by a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress. It's a bit extreme--there's always that terrifying moment when the salesgirl says "exchange or store credit only"--but it's actually a rather good thing. It's limited my funds enough that I can't buy things I don't need. So, no closet clutter for me!

Besides, the Marc by Marc Jacobs dress that I got is worth it. It's light, easy to wear, fun, simple, and even, I think, a bit sophisticated in its simplicity. It's long enough to be worn as a dress, but short enough that I can easily wear it as a top until it's warm enough, and I love purple. I know it looks a bit silly in the picture, but you'll have to trust me when I say it looks great on. Hey, maybe I'll post some pictures of me wearing it on Wardrobe_Remix. . .

I got a great dress from H&M on one of my first shopping days, but upon reconsidering, I decided it was a bit formal for day-to-day wear, and I already have enough formal clothing that my life doesn't afford opportunity to play with, so I decided to exchange it for a simpler piece that had been catching my eye. Now, I've always liked tunics, but yes, that is a denim top. I have strong feelings about denim being used outside of jeans: namely, that it shouldn't. Still, I liked the shape of this top, and it's a lighter denim, almost a chambray, so while its weight makes it drape nicely, it's not too heavy and structured. It's a change for me, but I really like it.

I did, as I said I would, end up getting a pair of bright skinny pants. Thanks to the dress, I was purpled out, so I got a bright blue pair instead. They're surprisingly easy to wear, since they're only a little brighter and more vibrant than jeans would be. They're a bit extreme, but I'm enjoying them immensely.

I also got a new pair of (aforementioned) Levi's skinny jeans, but they're not really new to me, since they're exactly the same as a pair I already have, sans hole in the thigh. Still, I'm happy to have them--Levi's skinny jeans fit really well, sit high enough not to facilitate any embarassing crack moments, and slouch perfectly.

Lastly, the frosting on the cake--jewelry. I have a magnificent earring collection, adore bracelets (though don't wear them often--hmm), have two rings that I never take off, and yet, I've never been too taken with necklaces. It's not that I dislike them in principal, it's more that I'm not very often attracted to them, and when I am and I do buy them, I never really wear them anyway. So, it logically follows that it's stupid of me to buy necklaces. But hey, I never claimed to be smart. This little beauty came from Forever 21, and I'm totally going to make an effort to wear it sometime soon.

And that, I suppose, is that. That is, until I'm back in New York City again.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm officially a contributing member of Wardrobe_Remix! I encourage readers to join as well :)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Shoes of the week

Just because I absolutely adore them:

But them (for me!) here. That's a size 8. . .

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The Indie Kids

Know what's awesome? Small businesses. Know why? They tend to be more ethical, do more for their communities, and give the consumer a better idea of where their money is going. Know what the fashion equivalent is? Independent designers!

I love indie designers, not only because I have more confidence in their business ethics, but also because you get far, far more unique pieces from them. Because they're not the mainstream trendsetters, they don't spawn mainstream imitations. Furthermore, they're not mass-produced on the same scale as that adorable Marc Jacobs dress you want. So, without further ado, here's my pick o'the independent designer litter:

I do even need to say that I love Built by Wendy? Well, I do. The shapes of her pieces are modest and even a little conservative, but still somehow ridiculously sexy and stylish. Her clothing isn't trendy, and in my humble opinion, it's all the better for it. Her spring season is almost too good to be true--unique, well-cut, simple, interesting, and cohesive despite a lot of variety. I can't buy it all--dammit--but I probably would if I could. Check it out at her online store, and see my picks below.

Imitation of Christ is a way cool one-off line by Tara Subkoff. Now, you could argue that she's not technically an independant designer because of her collaboration with Easy Spirit, but then, you could also bite me. I don't mind at all that she does the collaboration, because her clothing is stellar anyway. Obviously, it's pretty hard to find her revamped vintage line, but her denim line, Imitation Jeans, can be found online, as well as at Barney's Co-op. And even the shoes, which I admit are not so independently produced, are pretty awesome, so. . . fine. You can find her clothes at Kirna Zabete in NYC, and the jeans and the shoes should be easy to find just by googling "Tara Subkoff," or "Imitation jeans." I could link you, but it's Saturday, and I'm feeling so lazy. . .

If I could afford it, I would live quite a bit of my life in Grey Ant. I would have to leave room for Built by Wendy, but I adore Grey Ant's quirky, unique, clever pieces. Unfortunately, Grey Ant does cost a chunk of change, but I'm hoping that I can save up for one of their tops (on sale!) soon. Why? Well, as I said before, Grey Ant's clothing is quirky and unique, and it just doesn't look like anything else. Things like off-kilter buttons and strange, almost ugly (but not!) prints are just perfect in Grey Ant's pieces. It's always eye-catching, but it's never too much. Catch them online here, and also at a quite a few other retailers!

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Opinions, please!

Time for a discussion. Gather 'round, children! So, I'm wondering if I should get a stylediary or not. I like my anonymity, so I've never wanted one before, but I sort of like the idea of having a catalog of outfits that I enjoy available to me. Of course, that means that it's available to everyone else. That just seems sort of self-conscious and self-important. Then again, it's kind of neat to see all your outfits laid out alongside each other; that way, you can look at what you like in some outfits and dislike in others, and y'know, isolate certain factors that influence you one way or another (someone has taken far too many science classes. Even fashion is empirical in my mind). Another interesting point of debate is that I think I'm gonna join the Wardrobe_Remix Flickr group--I love looking at what people come up with and supplying feedback, and I want in! I'm not entirely sure what the difference between Stylediary and Wardrobe_Remix is, but I'm significantly less opposed to one than the other. So, darling readers, what do you think?

Stupid Camera

Ok, I don't think I'm going to be posting my recent purchases until I leave NYC, because my camera battery is dead and I don't feel like shelling out $5 for a new one because I've spent so damn much already. To those of you who are curious (am I just delusional? Is anyone curious?), I apologise for the delay. Give me until Sunday night. Fear not, I have plenty to post in the meantime.

Polar Opposites

I'm really liking my new "Things I Want" category. It's a lovely excuse to be indulgent. This installment consists of two items that couldn't possibly be more different and more desirable. These jeans are the perfect faded wide-legs. They're nice and easy, but the simple look and wide seams make them kind of elegant as well:

This dress is just divine. I love Nina Ricci. I love Oliver Theyskens. I love it.

The problem? I can't have the jeans because they have a 31" inseam (as in, three inches too short). I can't have the dress because it's $1,800 (on sale!). Someone may need to go thrifting today. . .


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Skinny and the Boyfriend get married

in Miss Sixty's Eden jeans. I love it!


And the best ad award goes to. . . Chloe!

Lanvin easily had the best advertisements in the fall, but right now, I love the fact that Chloe is willing to use these sort of washed-out, dulled, 70's-esque colors to advertise their spring line. The best part? They're still completely beautiful.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Macy's Day (minus the parade)

So, I've had a request for a Macy's special from The Evil Kitten, and while I'm not much of a department store shopper, I'm never one to turn down a challenge!

I must reiterate, though, I'm not a big mall/department store shopper. I'm more of a downtown girl. Still, I used to shop in department stores (think middle school), and a good friend of mine and I once killed a lot of time before a show at the 34th St. Macy's, so I think I can do this. I only have the website to go by, not knowing what's available in Canadian Macys', but some thorough searching has turned up a small but very nice crop.

I started in the junior's section, because it's cheaper and it plays to trends. I wasn't really knocked out by anything, unfortunately. Some cheap clothing is fabulous (H&M, anyone?), but sometimes it looks exactly that: cheap. Still, there were a few cute, useful pieces that didn't look cheap (either that, or they weren't cheap), and here they are:

This blouse is cute, it's a modern shape, and I like the color and the detailing. Find it here.

This kimono sweater is cute, too. It's unextraordinary, but the bold color and cool shape would makes it the type of piece that you can just toss on over a tank top and still look cute.

Everyone can use a denim pencil skirt. I got the Proenza Schouler for Target one (love!), but this one is cute, too.

I didn't manage to find a dress I liked in the junior's section, but this one (in the misses section) is adorable. I love it. I want it. In fact, I might have to head down to Macy's on 34th again. . .

Evil, I hope that helped!

My Miu Miu review

I know that I haven't been awesome at covering the Paris shows (but at least I got John Galliano and Sonia Rykiel), but it's still on my to-do list. Part of the reason that I've been putting it off is that I'm so excited by Chloe that I need time to figure out the best way to express my glee, and that unfortunately, I'm just not that excited by Miu Miu. I did like all the pretty dresses at the end quite a bit--see below--but most of the collection didn't excite me as much as past collections have. It was all a bit plain and monotone:

But at least the shoes were awesome:

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Y'know, since I'm taking it easy for tomorrow. . .

Oh dear. A good friend of mine just had to miss an important audition because her flight was canceled due to weather. Sad, sad, very sad (but I'm taking her with me to an open audition to make up for it). So, since her schedule has changed, and she's understandably bummed, I've moved my big shopping day up to. . . tomorrow! This way, she can come and be distracted from her woes, and I can have company. I was planning on doing some accessory shopping today (I really really want a 1930 man's fedora), but I scaled back when I found out that she was going to be in town early and wanted to shop so that I'll have plenty of cash for tomorrow. What I ended up getting was a pair of sunglasses (because my optometrist was bothering me about always wearing sunglasses), some thin metal headbands (because I lost my wide, black patent one. . . boo!), and. . . a Kinder Bueno. It's not technically an accessory, but I DID need it. Of all the things that I miss most about Europe, Kinder Bueno ranks near the top of the list. It's delicious. It's creamy. It's light. It's even two candy bars. I saw it at a deli near my favorite Indian vegetarian restaurant last week, but I had already overeaten mattar paneer and chat (look it up), so I knew better than to get it. Today, though, I've been pretty good, and I just wanted it like nothing else. So I got it. And oooh, it really is like nothing else.

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Shoes of the week

Because spring is coming. Soon. Well, I hope it's coming soon. Anyhow, you could always be funky and wear them with thick socks until it's warm enough.

And you can buy them here if you're eager.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Um, it's technically a street style shot. . .

And I LOVE what Gemma Ward is wearing in it. I'm dying for a hat just like that. Pity they were all $80 at Cheap Jack's.

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Armwarmers galore

I like armwarmers. I have two pairs, and while I can't wait for spring, I must admit, I'll be sorry to bid my armwarmers goodbye. I have a grey pair and a green pair, and it's a good combo--one pair is neutral, the other pair, not so much. Still, I recently saw a streetstyle shot from London (once again--Oooh, how I miss thee!) of a girl who had a pair of purple fairisle--fairisle!--armwarmers peeking out from her jacket. It wasn't precious, it was punk. Sort of. It was cute, it was fresh, and it was quite desireable. I bought both of my pairs of armwarmers while I was in London, so I don't know where to go here in the US to get a pair--save, of course, Etsy!

If you're not familiar with Etsy--get familiar. It's a place where crafters can sell their wares on their own. I know I sound like a broken record, but it's great because you're not just feeding money to corporate America. I had a hunch that some Etsy seller somewhere would be making armwarmers, but little did I know that I would be presented with the best selection ever! There were desireable pairs on the first page, but it just got better and better as I went.

I mean, it's hard to go wrong with stripes. Then again, the crocheted pair is surprisingly badass for a craft that's normallly so precious. And the grungy green is surpsingly appealing. Still, my heart going to the pair that reflects it: the adorable pair of heart-print "gauntlets," made my a seller who makes tons of other scrumptious pairs as well. So, go to Etsy, search for armwarmer, and if you're so inclined, shop without guilt!

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Friday, March 16, 2007


I can't believe I'm invited to two parties tonight, and I'm skipping them both because New York City is covered in a foot of motherfucking sleet. Even my practical shoes (suede, low-heeled grey boots) won't stand up to the weather. So totally not fair.

Consumerism, Round II

I like to start entries with some sort of amusing witticism, but I'm anxious to get to the point of this entry and post some pretty pictures, so, without further ado, here are my mostly unnecessary purchases from yesterday and the day before.

On Wednesday, I was going to go look at some clothing that I was debating about. but as soon as I got to the first zoo (H&M on fifth avenue), I remembered that, if you want to score at overwrought cheap-chic places, you have to act fast, and act fast, I did. I can't post pictures of my H&M purchases, but I got a pretty-yet-sophisticated black barette, and an absolutely gorgeous off-white dress. It has a row of buttons down the front, poet sleeves, and a full skirt. It's a little much for day to day, but then, that's never stopped me. I love it. Damn good thing that I love it, too, because I had to go to three different H&Ms before I found my size. I also got a new pair of grey skinny jeans, because the ones I got for fall (from a catalogue, of course), are just plain uncomfortable. These ones are very comfortable, but I had to get a size or two too big so that they would be long enough. Such is the life for girls with long legs. Fortunately, they're stretchy, so since they're meant to be tight, they don't fall down much on me.

Next, it was off to Forever 21. I wanted to find a top with some green to wear on St. Patrick's day, but even though I tried on four different tops, none of them really seemed worth it. That's pretty sad, when you consider that Forever 21 tops cost $20. It wasn't a wash, though, because I found this gorgeous square necked blouse. It's incredibly flattering, it's comfortable, and it doesn't look cheap! If I get pinched on Saturday, so be it.

Thursday, I started my day with a thrilling eye appointment. I got my pupils dilated, and then felt sick from wandering around NYC for six hours with blurry vision and uncomfortable light sensitivity. It wasn't a good day for shopping, so I went to the Strand to see if I could find some reading material. I did, but I didn't find what I wanted used (I was in a Michael Chabon/ Danzy Senna mood), so I got Secrets of the Model Dorm by Amanda Kerlin instead. I know, I know, I could do a lot better in the way of literature than that, but it is my break, and I can indulge a little. Thusfar, it's not brilliantly-written, but it is kind of fun. It's good in a guilty pleasure way. Oh, and the eye appointment? I can't wear my contacts all the time now. Kind of a bummer, but I can still wear them 90% of the time, and plus, I found a pair of Prada frames that I might not actually mind wearing. I'm not sure they're exactly the ones at right, but they're pretty damn close.

Finally, I bought this a few days ago, and I know I mentioned it earlier, but the Rasputina CD that I just got is awesome. Seriously. It's fantasticallly amazing. It's called Thanks for the Ether, and anyone who likes sort of trippy alternative folk rock with a lot of layers and amazing musicality should get it. That's an order.

I don't need tooooo much more spring clothing at this point, so I don't know that I'll go shopping more than once more. Still, I still want some sailor pants, a pinstriped vest (that may be a bit specific, though), wedge sandals, bright skinny pants, and a dress, so stay tuned for more.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Let the consumerism begin!

I finally found a way to post pictures again (the trick, apparently, is not to use Safari)! So, because I haven't been able to post for a few days, this post is from Tuesday. I'm a bit backlogged, but I'll catch up as soon as I don't have a headache. Enjoy!

Since I'm trying to buy clothing more strategically (in an attempt to buy less overall, and therefore be at least a bit greener), I decided to start my shopping with skincare products, since there are some things that I actually need. I no longer really use a spot treatment for zits since I don't break out so much and those things overdry my skin, but my skin is far from perfect, so I need something else. Plus, in my old age (21 to be precise), I'm thinking that I should start considering wrinkle products. Ok, not really, but I do want to start thinking about having healthy-looking skin in the long-term. I'm not going to jump the gun with too many alpha and beta acids, retinoids, etc., but it never hurt anyone to use some antioxidants and products that keep your collagen in good shape. I found the perfect solution to my issues at Whole Foods. I've always liked plant-derived products, because they don't irritate my irritatingly sensitive skin, and Jason is an awesome brand. I've had my eye on their Red line for ages, and when I saw their mask--which has kaolin clay for purifying, antioxidants for skin protection, and peptides to support collagen production, largely plant based--it was a match made in heaven.

I've also wanted a new scent--I usually wear Burberry Brit, but it's just a little formal sometimes. I wanted something simpler and more casual, so I bought a little bottle of pure musk oil. It has a hell of a lot of staying power, smells divine, and I love it. Thanks, Whole Foods!

Next, it was on to the conventional. I bought my favorite sunscreen, because the sun has been making more appearances, and I think it's time to start wearing it under my makeup every day. Yes, I know, you should wear it every day, even in the winter, you can always get sun damage, But it's damn expensive sunscreen to put on every day ($11/3 oz. Ouch!), so I try only to use it when it's most important.

I also got a neutrogena lip balm that I've used before, but I like it, because it actually does moisturize (most things with any pigment dry out my lips--I have hypersensitive skin), but the slight honey tint means that it's a really warm, flattering color on your face.

Lastly, my nails are breaking again (argh!), so I got an Essie nail polish in Waltz. I was torn between Waltz and Marshmellow, but something eventually made me go with Waltz. I'm not sure what it was, though.

Stay tuned for round II!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Posts--lots of posts--coming soon

That is, as soon as Blogger will let me post pictures again! I have no idea what's going on.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Best wishes!

Bit of a shock: Marc Jacobs went into rehab today! I admire the fact that he knows what he needs to do, and wish him the best!

I'm not a big fan of Tory Burch, but the knock-offs are a-ok!

According to my Sitemeter, someone found my blog my searching for "knock off Tory Burch flats." I thought that was funny, because:
a) I've never talked about Tory Burch flats, real or otherwise
b) I don't really like Tory Burch
c) I just saw a pair of knock-off Tory Burch flats

Tory Burch is a little flash-tastic and spangled with emblems for me, but I'll admit that the flats are nice enough.

Still, Delia*s is doing a convincing, quite pretty knock-off for $36:

But my favorite interpretation is, surprisingly, from Steve Madden. It deviates quite a bit from the original, but if you ask me, it's a hell of a lot more interesting.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Pretty Clothes

Mmmm. I had dinner at Gobo tonight. Amazing. Amazing, amazing amazing as always. It's my favorite restaurant in the city, and I was with a good friend who I haven't seen in months. But, good food and good company aside, I noticed that everything is just better when you're dressed up. He had come from a press event (when did my friends and I turn into adults? I'm not sure), and he was in a suit, and I was wearing a gorgeous top and cute shoes, and I gotta say, while nothing (save underwear) comes between me and my Earnest Sewns, I don't think the evening would have been as special if we were in jeans.


It's a hell of a town!

I love coming to New York City. When I'm here, I just feel like everything is available to me. Unfortunately, it causes me tooverindulge a bit, but a bit of overindulgence can be fortunate, don't you think? Yesterday, I had Korean-style frozen yogurt (soooo good), and then made the trek over to brooklyn for a dinner party. Today, I had a latte and a pear almond scone for breakfast, I bought a crate of organic clementines and a Rasputina CD, and I might take a ballet class, provided that I can fit it in before my dinner plans. Tomorrow, it's off to my favorite restaurant for dinner with a friend who I haven't seen in ages. It is, in short, the sweet life. So, as long as I'm indulging everything else, here are the clothing desires that I hope to indulge while I'm here (if, of course, I don't run out of cash):

Built by Wendy's penguin dress. Tooooo cute. I actually would happily shell out the cash for it, if I thought that I'd actually have anywhere to wear it once I leave New York.

A dress with sleeves, so that I can feel spring-y while it's still a little chilly out. I already have a grey one, so blue would be a very nice choice.

A pretty printed sundress, something that will look good over jeans and on its own. this one would be an awesome choice.

But I'm not just dying for dresses: I'd also love a pair of sailor pants. I love my bottoms to be mostly neutral, but a little visual interest never hurts. Plus, I'm a bit fan of buttons.

I'd also like a pair of really bright skinnies. Purple might be a little much, but then again, they might not--I'll have to go try them on at Urban Outfitters (the sailor pants are there as well).

And, of course, I can't leave out my feet! I'd love a pair of really low open-toed wegdes. This beautiful pair would be ideal, but they're sold out, so my heart is left yearning and searching. . .

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