Friday, August 18, 2006

Lucky's fall Shoe Guide: a blessing and a curse

I've already shared the fact that I love Lucky magazines. That may seem strange coming from a self-proclaimed green consumer, seeing as Lucky started the magalog genre, but I think that pretty much every magazine is about consumerism, and Lucky is awfully bold just to put it out there. Plus, the clothes in it are good, and I like the guides. The shoe guides are especially fun for me, shoe junkie that I am, but the shoes in it are always so expensive that anything reasonably-priced seems like a bargain, causing such irrational thoughts as, "Eighty dollars? I HAVE to get those, as soon as possible, before the department store runs out!!" I mean, really, other than Carrie Bradshaw, no one spends $500 on every pair of shoes they own. Actually, I don't think I've ever spent more than $140, and my dog ate one of those.

This of course means that when they feature any shoes that are really, actually, truly, honestly cheap, they seem like they're free. Strangely, this fall's shoe guide didn't feature ANY cheap shoes (which I guess was good for my wallet), but later in the issue, there was a pair from Abaete's collection for Payless. I haven't seen the full collection, but as y'all know, I do quite like Abaete, and the collection looks good. Still, I wish they had shown us some some cute, cheap, and, oh yeah, currently available shoes. I had to find some on my own instead:

Not bad for $25, right? Head to your nearest Target to get it, and be sure to check out the Paul & Joe collection while you're there.


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